Crafting a Co-Creative Relationship with Your Higher Self - March 21
Amanda Mia Mehalick

Crafting a Co-Creative Relationship with Your Higher Self - March 21

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Crafting a Co-Creative Relationship with your Higher Self ~ 

An Equinox Workshop with Reality Creation Guide, Amanda Mia Mehalick

Often linked to intuition or a sense of inner knowing, our Higher Selves are a version of our evolved consciousness outside of physical form. They are more real than anything we can imagine, and yet forming an intimate relationship with them can, at times, feel elusive and hard to obtain ~ but when we have grounded tools and a willingness to connect, their wisdom can flood through and the results can be life changing. 

Are you ready to open to the love your Higher Self has for you? 

Please join  this beautiful light emergence equinox workshop, where you will develop/deepen the bond you have to your Higher Self.

+ Wellness conscious, socially distanced, small group workshop.
+ Sunday, March 21st 11-1
+ $44 pre-registered, $55 day of 
+ RSVP Sage and Stone Marin 415.985.5587
+ This event will sell out, please snag your space ahead of time. 

About Your Guide:
Amanda Mia Mehalick is an Intuitive Healer, Channel, and Reality Creation Guide. She holds certifications in Clairvoyant Intuitive Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Vocal Channeling, has completed practitioner training in Tantra as well as Shamanic Studies, and has a Masters of Intuitive Medicine (MIM). Additionally, she has over 11 years of experience working as a professional Intuitive, Conscious Business Coach, and published metaphysical author. 
Amanda's gifts come to life in her unique ability to gracefully identify, communicate, and create pathways that lead to greater love, pleasure and Soul Embodiment.