Ancient Anointing (Frankincense and Myrrh) Alche-mist Aromatherapy Spray

Ancient Anointing (Frankincense and Myrrh) Alche-mist Aromatherapy Spray

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Ancient Anointing Alche-Mist

An enLightening Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Aromatherapy Mist to instantly transport you to a highly awakened state of knowingness and clarity.

Mist in the car, home, or out in the world – clear any situation and inspire the moment – Spray your face and deeply inhale to refresh!

Spray with conscious loving intent around the body, head and face to de-stress and deepen the breath into a space of peaceful grace!

Ancient Anointing Benefits:

The three sacred gifts of the wise: Frankincense, Myrrh and gold, are lovingly infused into this mist. Two varieties of sophisticated Frankincense and two immensely healing resins of Myrrh for enhancing consciousness and rapid transformation.

The gold within is Ormus (super-conductive minerals), derived from Bokek Sea Salt, which the Essene healers have used for ages for spiritual growth & enlightenment.

Spikenard, an expensive oil from the Himalayas, induces peace, harmony and truthfulness while assisting meditation and healthy cell regeneration.

Emerald emanates pure unconditional loving compassion. A perfect crystalized symbol of a precious, rare essence that profoundly changes all who come into contact with this heart centered gemstone.

May this alchemy touch you and your loved ones deeply, bringing you to the heights of your enlightened Love-in expression of Being.

Ancient Anointing Ingredients: 

Frankincense Carterri essential oil, Frankincense Rivae essential oil, Sweet Myrrh essential oil, Comniphora Myrrh essential oil, Hyssop Flower essential oil, Spikenard essential oil, Blue Cypress essential oil, Emerald gemstone essence, Pure Spring water, Blessed Sacred water, Mono-atomic Gold Ormus.

All essential oils are steam-distilled and wild-harvested/organic.